The below should assist you with setting up G Suite to utilize your ZixEncrypt solution.

ZixEncrypt Mail Flow Routing: G Suite

 For a video version of this guide click here.

Add a mail route:

  1. Sign in to the G Suite admin console
  2. Go to Apps > G Suite > Gmail > Advanced settings
  3. Select the Hosts tab
  4. Press ADD ROUTE.
    1. Give the route a name, such as “Zix Encryption Route”
    2. For Specify email server, enter the SmartHost servers from the email you received from BGG Operations.
    3. For Options, check Require secure transport (TLS) and Require CA signed certificate
    4. Press Save

Create a Routing rule

The routing rule instructs G Suite to send all outbound mail to the Zix systems.

  1. Sign in to the G Suite domain console
  2. Go to Apps > G Suite > Gmail > Advanced settings
  3. Select the General Settings tab
  4. Scroll to the Routing setting in the Routing section
  5. Hover over Routing and select CONFIGURE or ADD ANOTHER
    1. Enter a descriptive name, such as “Zix Outbound Routing”
    2. Under Messages to affect, select the following: Outbound
    3. Under Envelope filter, check Only affect specific envelope senders
    4. Select Pattern match.
    5. In the Regexp field, enter a regular expression that matches all of your domains. For example: (?i)(|
    6. Under For the above types of messages, select the following:
    7. From the drop down, select Modify message
    8. Under Route, check Change Route and select the route you created from the section above. Example: Zix Encryption Route
    9. Under Encryption (onward delivery only), check Require secure transport (TLS)
    10. Press ADD SETTING
  6. Press SAVE in the bottom right hand corner

If you have any questions please send an email to