About BGAN

It’s not our network, it’s your network.

At BGAN, we provide strategic coaching, sound advice, and a customized plan that allows us to focus on overall strategy—while you continue to work through the day-to-day aspects of your business.

We are a U.S. network of advisory firms that are fee based. We specialize in supporting overseas advisory firms wanting to work with Expats based in the U.S. We help you with the unique financial challenges of Expats. We help you with licensing, processing SIPP transfers & investing. We provide you with recommendations on Business Strategy, Investment Platforms, Technology & Compliance. As former C-suite level executives for Fortune 500 financial services companies and advisors ourselves, we’ve stood in your shoes and worked with hundreds of advisors across the county.

BGAN is part of the Beacon Global Group, which provides a full spectrum of global mobility solutions to support your human resources program and strategic objectives. We understand the issues and challenges you’re facing—acting as a fiduciary, staying compliant, increasing reporting requirements, and spending time with your clients.

Our mix of personal experience, financial services industry knowledge and out-of- the-box ideas can help guide you along the way.

Helping advisors become better business owners.

Our unique competitive advantage is to mentor your company with hands-on coaching and advice to continually build long-term value. All the while continuing to create custom relationships with your clients built on trust and transparency.

No other firm can open more doors for you or duplicate the extensive network of individuals, products and businesses we offer. No other firm can give you a consistent flow of new business and revenue-generating opportunities or help you shape the increasing importance of technology to the client experience.